Many Oral Cancer patients have had their mouths reconstructed, teeth removed, palates removed, pieces of their tongues removed, and simply cannot ever chew gum again…or blow a bubble.

For Oral Cancer Awareness, OCC has launched the Bubble Challenge. Please join us to create awareness about oral cancer and to help many oral cancer survivors.

Step 1: Change your profile photo to the BLOW A BUBBLE FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T image. Then, post a video or a pic on your Twitter , Instagram , or Our Facebook page of you or your group blowing a bubble for those who cannot. Have fun with this and invite others to join you in your photo or video. We are looking for the funniest video, funniest photo, biggest bubble, and largest number of people in the video/photo. So get your friends, kids, co-workers, patients, classmates, and anyone you can raise awareness with, to join in the fun.

Step 2: Share the photo or short video on your page and ours. Tell us if you are blowing your bubble for for a friend or loved one and why. Maybe even share a fact about Oral Cancer you did not know before the challenge.

Step 3: Challenge 3 (or more) of your family and friends to blow a bubble for the cause! Tag them on your post.

Donate: The Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. purpose is to improve the quality of life for oral cancer patients through financial support so that they may face the world with peace and dignity during and after medical treatment.

Please donate for the cause when you post your video or photo.
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Checks may be mailed to:
Oral Cancer Cause, Inc.
P.O Box 1895
Fort Mill, SC 29716

Thank you for helping OCC help many!