Five Oral Cancer Survivors Gathered at Local Fundraising Event Pictured left to Right: Reade Bonniwell, Amber Young, Powell Randolpg, Susan Bell, and Joe Cromwell


At Oral Cancer Cause (OCC), a 501(c) 3 non-profit, we have found most oral/head & neck cancer survivors yearn to get to know their fellow survivors. They know the fear, as most cancer patients do, of recurrence, depression, and even body image and self esteem issues post treatment/surgery. With this in mind and knowing how important these relationships are to these survivors, OCC is introducing its new initiative, Oral Cancer Cause Survivors Circle (OCCSC). The OCCSC is compiled of people from all walks of life including oral cancer survivors and care givers that work closely with the Oral Cancer Cause, Inc.


Please reach out to us for more information in regards to the OCCSC and becoming involved.