About OCC

Oral Cancer Cause (OCC), a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded in 2013 by Linda Miles and Robin Morrison in memory of Charlotte Estep, Linda Miles’ sister-in-law, and Mike Collins, Robin Morrison’s brother. Charlotte and Mike passed away in 2012 after suffering for several years from oral cancer. Both went undiagnosed for an extended amount of time, thereby allowing their disease to progress to an advanced and untreatable stage. Linda and Robin have a combined 80+ years experience in dentistry. Their shared passion for dentistry and saving lives is the OCC inspiration. By blending the knowledge of early detection and treatment; comprehensive oral exams along with dedicated dental/medical professionals; sponsoring partners; and dental/medical associations, OCC will make a difference in the lives of many oral cancer patients and their families.


OCC’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for oral cancer patients through financial support so that they may face the world with peace and dignity during and after medical treatment.


We envision the day of early oral cancer detection for all and a time when oral cancer patients can focus on recovery without the burden of monthly financial woes during treatment.

Funds raised by OCC will be allocated:

  • To provide financial help to patients and their families who face the challenges of oral cancer. Many times, the oral cancer patient undergoes extensive treatment and surgery rendering them unable to work, thereby creating a financial strain.
  • To create public awareness about the incidence of oral cancer and the necessity of oral cancer exams for early diagnosis and successful treatment.

LindaLinda Miles, CSP

Linda Miles loves to find a needed niche in business and life then fill it. At age 35, in 1978, she founded a successful INC 500 dental consulting business: Linda Miles and Associates (Now Miles Global). After 29 years she sold it to a dentist client.

Simultaneously in 1997 Linda founded the Speaking Consulting Network to advise others how to build their own successful dental speaking, consulting and writing businesses. In 2010 after 14 years, she semi-retired and sold that business which had grown from 11 mentees to more than 150 attendees at the annual conferences. She serves on the SCN advisory board and continues to participate in the annual session and personal coaching of new members.

Never wanting to be idle, in 2012 Linda wanted to create something that left a legacy far beyond her lifespan or working years. She teamed up with a dental colleague and friend, Robin Morrison, a healthcare marketing company guru. In memory of Robin’s brother Mike Collins and Charlotte Estep, Linda’s sister in law, both of whom lost their battles with oral cancer in 2012, Linda and Robin founded OCC (Oral Cancer Cause), an oral cancer nonprofit foundation. With their combined 80 years in dentistry, Linda and Robin know that OCC will become another legendary adventure….one that saves many lives through early diagnoses and brings positive attention to OCC dentists and their practices.

Note From Robin Morrison and Lee Tarvin:

Dentists/Team Members/Speakers/Consultants/Family and Friends of Linda Miles

Weekly, we hear from those who have known Linda Miles for the past thirty five years when her speaking and consulting business began. The feedback is humbling as clients, other speakers, dental companies, consultants and seminar followers rave about the difference Linda has made in their business, their practices or their lives. Friends and family members also feel inspired by her enthusiasm for helping others for hours on end over the past 35 years.

In recognition of the past three and a half decades of service to others and as Linda’s legacy, Oral Cancer Cause was founded in 2012 with Robin Morrison in memory of those who have lost the battle with oral cancer and those who have survived their difficult journey. If Linda has made a small or significant difference in your life, business or practice…..CLICK HERE to join our LEGACY GRATITUDE DONATION and to also leave a note. Linda receives your attached notes as they come in. I know she will be thrilled to hear from you and know that you are contributing to OCC which will help us help many.

Wishing you continued success,
Robin and Lee

Robin MorrisonRobin Morrison

Robin Morrison’s passion for dentistry and health care, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, lead her to become the founder of two successful companies. She is the president of RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting, Inc., founded in 1997, and Dental Consultant Connection, founded in 2011.

Robin began her career in dentistry in 1981, working in an exceptional dental practice as an office administrator and marketing director. In 1997, she began to live her dream and launched her first business, RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting. As many entrepreneurs do, Robin recognized more business opportunities and needs, and couldn’t resist launching her second business, Dental Consultant Connection (DCC). DCC connects dental consultants and dentists to ensure the practice selects the right consultant to fit their needs. DCC has formed a “dream team” of 35 brilliant dental consultants who specialize in niche areas of dentistry.

In 2012, Robin teamed up with Linda Miles to form Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC), a Florida not for profit corporation. As founders of OCC and partners in additional dental projects, Robin and Linda have worked tirelessly to form an organization that will financially assist oral cancer patients and their families, while creating awareness about oral cancer. OCC was founded in memory of Robin’s brother, Mike Collins and Linda’s sister-in-law, Charlotte Estep, both who lost their battles with oral cancer.

Amber Young

2016-Amber Young

Amber Young

My name is Amber Young, I am a 36 year old home maker, and mother of two. That has not always been the case. I had a very lucrative career as a retail manager at a fortune 500 company and spent many years climbing the corporate ladder. In the fall of 2013, I took off time from work to give birth to my son and stay home for about a year. Things were moving along nicely. We purchased our first home in a great area and had started settling in. We were all in good health and spirit. To think back, everything seemed “normal”. We did cram a lot of stuff in a short amount of time and needed to switch over primary care doctor and dentists, all those little things you do when you relocate.

In February of 2015, I made new patient appointments for the whole family at a local dentist. It been approximately 2 1/2 years since we had been to the dentist as a family. During the exam, I was offered a cancer screening for an extra $20, of course, I agreed. Seemed like a small charge for a good cause. And that is the exact moment my life changed forever.

I have since been diagnosed with the rarest oral cancer in the world. In fact, I am one of two people alive with Clear Cell Odontogenic Carcinoma. I have undergone surgery to remove my right mandible, which was replaced with bone and tissue from my scapula. My journey has been long, complicated, and humbling all at the same time.

I am so thankful for the support of The Oral Cancer Cause has given me. Linda Miles and Robin Morrison have been such a blessing to my family. The passion these women have towards helping people with Oral Cancer is unsurpassed. I have been given a new lease on life, another chance, living on borrowed time so to speak and plan to spend it raising awareness on Oral Cancer, early detection, and ways to cope with the diagnosis. Linda Miles and Robin Morrison have been so kind as to allow me to assist with the Oral Cancer Cause, and I could not be more excited for this new adventure.


Robin and Linda

Robin and Linda